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A. Reminder

B. Introduction

C. Features

D. Operating instructions

1. Soft setup

2. Connect the hardware

3. Launch the app

4. Add remote

5. Control the device

6. Remote management and Download to remote

7. Backup and recovery

8. Database and software updates

9. Six remotes-33 keys learning function introduction

10. Six remotes-33 keys Plus learning function introduction

E. Contact us



A. Reminder

Do not disassemble, otherwise the warranty lapsed automatically.

B. Introduction

Cloud  Remotes

It can store some remotes, you can use it without mobile.

1. Remote 2 in 1 style  (2 devices  no study funcation)


2. With screen style  (3 devices  study funcation)


3. 33 keys style  (6 devices   study funcation)

4. 9 keys style (6 devices  no study funcation)

Mobile Accessories Remotes

C. Features

This is the best product which is compatible with a lot of IR devices and smart phones.

Remote range as far as 8 meters

The original design of mobile phone audio auxiliary power supply, improve service life

Our database and app will update automatically and continually .


D. Operating instructions

1. Soft setup

Scan the two-dimension code below packing or visit http://www.tasogo.com/pc.html to download and install the our app.

2. Connect the hardware

Plug the remote hardware into the stereo headphone jack on your the smart phone.

3. Launch the app

Launch the app and homepage are shown as below





The top of homepage is the title bar


The middle of homepage will display add button if you don’t add remote


The bottom of homepage is the menu bar



4.Add remote


Launch the app


 Click the button “+” to search page.


      Note: Be sure the device (excluding the AC)is plugged and work properly Before searching test.

Select the type of device you need to search(TV,ISB,AC,etc).

Enter the Brand of your device.

Click the Search button to test automatically or push the Next button to test manually.

Point the IR device to the IR receiver properly, when the device has response, Click the pause button to pause, if missed, Click the pervious button to test again.

Click detail button to test other buttons on the screen are working will or not. If so, return and click add button. This remote will appears in the homepage. if not, return and click the search button to continue testing.


If our device don’t work with your smart phone or device, please contact to us,we will provide solutions for you.


5.Control the device



Click the remote’s name or icon on the homepage to enter the remote interface.



Click return button can return to homepage

Slide left or right on the screen can switch the screen.

Click the button on the screen can control your device.

6.Remote management and Download to remote

       Click the icon on the right of remote list you can open the menu to modify or delete remote.


       When the remote successfully added to the list on the homepage, click the menu icon on the right of the list, will pop up menu options, select download to cloud remote, If the light on the cloud remote flashes, the remote data download successful. Only when the first device download successfully, the second devices will become to optional state, the cloud remote hardcover edition can save 6 remotes. Select the menu Clean Cloud Remote can remove all save data in the cloud remote.


7. Backup and recovery

     You can easily share the list of your remotes with your family and friends, you can also restore the list of your remotes quickly when you buy a new phone.

Be sure the network is available when you backup or recovery. WIFI is recommended.

Select User menu

Sign up for a new account for backup, when account registration is successful, it will automatically log in.

After logging in, you can backup and restore remotes.



After a successful login with the account, the software will record the account information.

Click the Backup menu, the system will detect the list of your remotes need to backup.

The time and count of the last backup will also be detected.

Caution: the original copy will be overwritten when you backup repeatedly.



Click confirm button and begin to backup, when the backup is completed, you will be prompted . you can use other phone log in with your account to recovery the list of remotes.


To recovery the list of your remotes, Click the recovery menu.


8. Database and software updates


We constantly update our database and app to ensure you can control latest devices. The app will detect a the available network, it will search the new version of database and app. If find, it will remind you to update.

9. Six remotes-33 keys learning function introduction

Long press the device key, the blue light is on, enter the learning state.

After entering the learning state, first press a key on the six remotes to store data, then keep the original remote point to the head of the six remotes, press the key on the original remote to learn, If the blue light flashings 2 times, the learning is successful. Other keys learning can be so on. After the completion of the learning, Press the device key to exit the learning state.

10. Six remotes-33 keys Plus learning function introduction

With this remote,you can diy remote in APP,.You also can backup your diy datas to our server or download to the six remotes.
You can enter diy interface by click “DIY” on top of the search page or click menu at remote list and select diy remote signal.

E. Contact us



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